Birdwatching, Jazz Music & Nottingham Forest Matches – Ken Clarke on Life After Politics


“I will watch football and cricket more,” former Rushcliffe MP Ken Clarke said in anticipation of his retirement after 49 years in politics.

Political power has for years been called the ‘great beast of politics’ and, more recently, the Brexit troublemaker.

In September last year, the zealous Europhile was kicked out of the Conservative Party after rebelling against Boris Johnson.

He didn’t go out in silence, it seemed.

And a few months later, he decided to withdraw from the general election on December 6, in which the battle was lost against the Brexiteers.

Ken Clarke pictured at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Wollaton Street in Nottingham city center

Even in Rushcliffe, his beloved constituency which echoed his positive views on the European Union very clearly, the Conservatives scored a sure victory.

But speaking of Ruth Edwards, who became the new MP for Rushcliffe with a majority of 7,643 votes and is now working to get Brexit done, Mr Clarke got nothing but rave reviews.

“I am very impressed with her,” he told Nottinghamshire Live.

“I gave her my approval. She’s a very intelligent woman and I’m very happy to have passed the baton to Ruth.”

With Boris Johnson now firmly at the helm, Brexit is happening and Mr Clarke is worthy of defeat.

The 79-year-old admitted: “I accept that we leave, but it all depends on what kind of relationship we can negotiate.

“[The Conservatives] had the majority, so [Boris Johnson] can do whatever he wants over the next few years.

“He has no opposition and he will not have any for a few years. Now we will see what he looks like.

“All the while Labor loves the internal civil war more than anything else.

“Hopefully over the next six months we’ll see what policies he’s going to have.

The former House Father, who served as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1993 to 1997 and Home Secretary from 1992 to 1993, said he was not yet fully retired, saying he was ‘He could participate in national politics in one way or another if asked.

Mr Clarke was married to his wife Gillian, having met as students at Cambridge University in 1964.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron described her as his “rock” when Ms Clarke died in 2015.

She died at the age of 74 and was battling cancer at the time.

But for now, Mr Clarke has said he’s happy to give speeches, listen to jazz, watch the Reds at City Ground and play cricket at Trent Bridge.

Not only that, but Mr. Clarke is also an avid bird watcher.

“I hope to enjoy my retirement,” he added.

“It hasn’t really started. I’ll be watching more football and cricket. I’m a very avid bird watcher, but I’m too lame now.

“I know Attenborough Nature Reserve very well. My favorite local spot was Rutland Water, but I’m just too lame to walk around now, unfortunately.

“I’m a politics junkie. So I’m going to be in the middle of politics for nothing at all. It’s going to be a change.”

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