Compare Real Estate Credit Insurance

Subscribe to non-bank loan insurance Since the implementation of the Cogilaw  Act, the borrower is free to select a borrower insurance to guarantee his credit against death, disability and unemployment. The insurance company will take care of the repayment of the credit according to the general conditions of the contract: comparison of the offer FGA credit insurance with the cheapest […]

Grouping senior credit online in just a few clicks | Debt consolidation

For a long time credit institutions have perceived French households whose age group is above 65 as an under-rated socio-professional category. Indeed, it is for years that the banking institutions have seen in the ” seniors ” the appearance of financial difficulties directly related to the management of the budget. The majority of cases consist of the presence of outstanding […]

Credit Insurance Comparison Matmut Loan Insurance

Guarantee your credit with a loan insurance Since September 2010, date of implementation of the Congilaw, consumers can freely join the loan insurance with the company of their choice. It is therefore possible to find cheaper and better suited than the group banking insurance contract! Comparative insurance Tumtam loan By using an online insurance simulator, you will quickly access many […]

Credit Insurance Comparison Matmut Loan Insurance

Guarantee your credit with a loan insurance The law Cefrum and Loi Congilaw provides freedom of choice concerning the insurance of a real estate loan: Realize a comparison of the offer Tumtam insurance loan with the various contracts insurance borrower of the insurance broker-of-loan-not-expensive! Tumtam Insurance Tumtam (Mutual Insurance Mutual Workers) was created in 1961 by and for members. With […]

Redemption of credits at the beginning of September 2015

Finished the days of rest with family or friends in the sun !!! The summer holiday period for people who are going to relax elsewhere or at home, in order to be in good physical condition at the beginning of the school year, is coming to an end. The recovery is a time of the year that must be mastered […]

How do you take out holiday loans?

Comfortable holiday with a loan According to the Traveler’s Report, developed for several years by muranet, we like to relax comfortably. That is why we decide on shorter, but full of amenities holidays in a 4- or 5-star hotel, where we do not have to worry about anything. However – as mentioned – you need money for such a vacation, […]