Delicious food and drink meet soulful jazz music at Piano Man

The Piano Man has carved out a niche like no other restaurant in Delhi-NCR. Imagined by Arjun Sagar Gupta, it brought together some of the most famous jazz musicians in the world. The regulars of the restaurant swear by the boosted atmosphere with shows lined up every evening. At The Piano Man, music is taken with utmost seriousness, which is why it has become a hub for music lovers. But in our opinion, it got high marks even in the food and drink department! We recently visited The Piano Man Delhi for an evening full of delicious food, meticulously crafted drinks and, of course, soulful jazz music.

From Asian to Italian, continental to finger food – The Piano Man brings together the best of multiple cuisines. We started our meal with their Dim Sums – the Dim sum with peanuts and vegetables as good as Shiitake, Shimeji Mushroom and Water Chestnut Dim Sum steamed to perfection. While the latter was smooth and creamy, the former had a slightly spicy edge to it. The Stuffed Mushrooms with Nonya Sauce were also incredibly satisfying and bursting with cheese inside. The dish was topped with microgreens and edible flowers to make an Instagram-worthy presentation. Our appetizers were accompanied by the most incredible Whiskey Sour cocktail as well as ginger fluff cocktail without alcohol. Both drinks were carefully crafted and well balanced.

Dim sum with shiitake mushrooms. Photo credit: Piano Man


Stuffed mushroom. Photo credit: NDTV Food


Whiskey Sour and Ginger Fuzz Mocktail. Photo credit: NDTV Food

After much deliberation on the sector, we tried the Tofu bao teriyaki served with lettuce, green apple relish and smoked cheese dip. The Bao was extremely mild and the filling wasn’t too spicy either. The Burmese Khao Suey in the main course section was surprisingly delicious and had a crunch of fried peanuts and onions with a burst of comforting flavors. We also tried the Peri Peri Vegetable Pizza who had a big sassy side. The base had the right amount of chewiness without falling apart, a balance often difficult to achieve.


Teriyaki Tofu Bao. Photo credit: NDTV Food


Peri-peri pizza with vegetables. Photo credit: Piano Man


Burmese Khao Suey. Photo credit: NDTV Food

Last but not least, we definitely suggest trying the homemade churros to The Man at the Piano. This crispy Spanish dessert came with caramel sauce as well as dark chocolate. Even though the churros were a bit thicker than we liked, they were still delicious!


Homemade churros at Piano Man. Photo credit: NDTV Food

To conclude, a visit to The Piano Man is a must for those who enjoy live music accompanied by delicious food. The perfect fusion of food, drink and music is a surefire recipe for a successful and memorable evening.

What: The Piano Man Delhi and Gurugram

Where: Boutique B 6, 7/22, opposite Deer Park, Safdarjung, New Delhi,

and 32nd Avenue, Milestone, Part 2, Sector 15, Gurgaon

When: Monday to Sunday, 1 p.m. to midnight.

Cost for two: Rs. 1,800 for two (approximately)

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