Digable Planets has started its Blue Note Jazz Club race (photos, setlist)


The Blue Note Jazz Club of New York reopened in June and they are in the middle of their 2021 Jazz Fest. It continued on Wednesday night (8/11) with the first of four Planet to dig shows, spread over two evenings – two on Wednesday and two on Thursday. Doodlebug, Ladybug Mecca and Butterfly were supported by a live band consisting of Thaddeus Turner (Maktub) on guitar and keyboards, Darrius Willrich (from Kalimba) on keyboards, Gerald “Tugboat” Turner on bass and D’vonne Lewis on bass. drums. Kick-off of their set with “Slowes’ Comb / The May 4th Movement Starring Doodlebug” from their second album, 1994’s Popping comb, Digable Planets seemed perfectly suited to the venue, and I was surprised to learn that they had never played there before. August 11 is cited as the day hip hop was born at a birthday party in the Bronx in 1973 and DP performed at the Blue Note on the same date doesn’t seem like an accident.

Members of the audience were seated at tables all over the space and after “May 4th” Doodlebug said “I know some of you all want to stand up and dance… live through us.” Before the show was over, however, we were encouraged to get up from our seats as most of the people had finished eating and their first set was drawing to a close. (The crowd, some of whom remained masked all night, danced near their tables.) The show ended with their very first single, “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)”, which was the only song not accompanied by the live band. but there were a lot of people rapping with them. After “Rebirth” ended, Doodlebug, Ladybug Mecca and Butterfly walked off the stage through the audience and signed records and posed for photos upstairs for those who stayed after their first set, while people were waiting outside to be seated for 10:30 p.m. spectacle.

Check out footage from Wednesday night’s morning show, including one of the setlists, below.

photos and recap by Edwina Hay.


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