Jazz Fiesta! brings workshops and a variety of jazz music to campus



On Saturday May 5, El Camino College hosted ¡! Fiesta de Jazz !, a jazz festival celebrated for five years in the Auditorium Marsee.

The Jazz Festival is a day-long event featuring a variety of jazz performers as well as a workshop for those planning to pursue a career in music.

“As a music student (at El Camino), I love coming to events like this,” said Julia Magdelian, 23, major in music. “It reminds me of why I want to play.”

El Camino College music teacher Alan Chan conducts the ECC Concert Jazz Big Band during ¡! Fiesta de Jazz! on Saturday May 5. Photo credit: Jack Kan

Outside of the auditorium, food from different countries was available for anyone who was hungry.

“My family’s truck has been out of this for three years now,” said Manual Esparza, 21, a business major. “It’s a great way to try different things, there is so much culture here, from the music to the food,” Esparza said.

The food before the show seemed to get the crowd excited because as soon as the lights went out and the first group of performers were on stage, the crowd cheered loudly.

Two jazz bands from Palos Verdes and Lawndale High School first performed before the Afro Peruvian Jazz Orchestra took the stage.

“We created this group two years ago inspired by Afro-Peruvian music,” said Anibal Seminario, group member of the Afro Peruvian Jazz Orchestra.

The group was created by Anibal Seminario and Lorenzo Ferreo who believed that incorporating jazz and Peruvian music would be something new.

Lorenzo Ferrero and Anibal Seminario both play saxophone in the Afro-Peruvian Music clinic, during the! Fiesta de Jazz d’El Camino! at Haag Recital Hall on Saturday May 5th. Photo credit: Jack Kan

“We intended to mix jazz with the Peruvian style of music,” said Seminario. “We felt at the time that it had never been done before.

The audience’s excitement was further heightened when a Peruvian dancer appeared during the third song.

Peruvian dancer Nadia Calmet performs with the Afro Peruvian Jazz Orchestra during the! Fiesta de Jazz! on Saturday May 5. Photo credit: Jack Kan

“I’ve been with the band for a while now,” said Stephanie Cruz, 25, major in music. “As a half-Peruvian person, it’s great. I like to see my culture mixed with music.


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