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ICYMI, Lady Gaga teamed up with crooner Tony Bennett for their Cheek to cheek record, which is a jazz standards album. The music is from another era, so of course that period inspired Lady Gaga’s latest style. Gaga admitted that the rebellious nature of jazz music and iconic singer / dancer Ginger Rogers influence her at the moment, making her want to be, in a somewhat contradictory way, indifferent to her appearance while being interested in elegance. The music she made with Bennett, which seems to be on board with her past as a wild child, is her main inspiration and it shows.

Gaga, who channeled Old Hollywood glam earlier this summer and adopted androgynous looks in the past, confessed to being a shapeshifter for ARTPOP, but felt more at peace with performance standards, which seems to be reflected in her clothes lately. “I feel like I’m my peaceful young musician,” she told Yahoo Style. “I like to dress up, and you know, feel like a woman. I worked with Tony for two years to record, and [when we started] I was pretty blonde, but I found the sexuality of it all quite distracting. It wasn’t natural in a way. So I started experimenting with the hair I had in high school. It was dark and curly. More natural. Something in jazz makes me not care about my appearance. “

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Still, it’s not as if Ma Monster, who showed off those giant Diana Ross-style curls earlier this year, doesn’t care about the clothes or wears sweatpants. It would carry the death penalty, but banning from front row fashion shows or magazine covers – a much worse fate for fashion moguls. She’s just … more free.

Gaga said, “With this album, I’m channeling his rebellion. Because if you think about it, jazz is the most rebellious form of music. It’s totally different from my previous post, where there was an intention behind each. look. Jazz brings out the fighter in me. The type of clothes I wear is less fitted. Other days, I’ll wear something more corseted and glamorous. “

Gaga said she expected her duo partner, who sketched it nude for charity for Vanity Show , to raise eyebrows on some of her clothes or to suggest other outfits during their promotional tours. But he did not do it. He attracts her for who she is: a fashion star.

“I’ll come down in a dress, and he’ll say, ‘Oh Lady, you look so different today, so beautiful. Thank you for always looking so beautiful,'” she revealed. Can we get an “Awwww”?

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This flowing, draped black goddess dress with bling out detail at the waist is a perfect example of how Gaga was dressed appropriately to the sound of the music she made with Bennett. The dress, even with its plunging bodice, is also age appropriate compared to its singing partner, who as we mentioned saw her in the buff.

She continued, “He has a different take on things… at that time there was Ginger Rogers who dressed so well. So elegant. So I think of her. I’m a woman of many references. that I want my fans to take away from it all. You can be every icon… I do one of the most rebellious things singing jazz. It’s so complex and so improvised. “

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Below eight times Gaga was rebellious, jazz-inspired, lady-like, trying improvisation and being looser with her clothes during the Cheek to cheek promotional efforts.

1. Living room singer lounging at the piano

This mermaid-like sapphire blue dress is definitely reminiscent of another era. Of course, she modernized it by showing some serious boobings.

2. Let go but don’t lose it

Gaga hinted at liking looser outfits, like this brocade-embellished blazer and bottom. It’s not tight but it’s still structured and haute couture.

3. Hair larger than life

My Monster went back to her Italian curls in high school. The silver gray halter neck dress is also a bit ’70s, but it’s loose and sexy in an unopened way. I bet Mr. Bennett approves.

4. Always so chic even when it is pure

Gaga’s black dress is transparent, which can be suggestive, corn she wears long, flowing dresses as she promotes the album, indicating her inspiration from the previous era.

5. Rocky horror or not?

Okay, so this one is a little different. Mother Monster loves her natural Italian girl curls, which matches her comments about not caring too much about how she looks. But is it me or does she remind me Dr Frank N. Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, who has a MAC collaboration this fall? Maybe just a little?

6. Lips and eyelashes

Old Hollywood glam and the look of classic jazz singers was all about bold, defined lips and miles of lashes, which Gaga focuses on here and within her. Cheek to cheek looks.

7. A scarf and a train

Gaga rocked the jewelry tones as she teamed up with Bennett to promote the album. This cobalt blue dress with a large train highlights her toned legs, while the headband highlights her facial features. She looks classic when she sits next to classy actor Tony Bennett.

8. Those curls and that nose ring

Gaga added a tight, wild mane of curls, but she didn’t give up on her nose ring. It’s details like that that make this jazzy makeover feel totally Gaga.

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