LEGO 10312 Jazz Club & Pizzeria modular rumored for 2023

A new rumor for 2023 Lego Modular Building suggests that a pizzeria, jazz club and more could join the street.

According to brick_clicker on Youtubethe 2023 Lego the modular building is set up to be a combination pizzeria and jazz club, something that may have been partially teased in the most recent entry.

The report says it will go as 10312 Jazz Club & Pizzeria for around £200/$230 with 2,899 pieces released on January 1, 2023, as noted in a previous rumor. While such details are not hard to predict given recent price increases and the regular release schedule of the Lego Collection of modular buildings, the rumor continues with more details.

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A first rumor emerges for the new LEGO 2023 modular building

The contents of the building would be a pizzeria on the ground floor and a jazz club on the second floor and the source suggests that a third floor could also be included, as with previous modular buildings, but they don’t mention anything specific to this subject.

The source also believes that a promotional set will be released alongside the rumored 10312 Jazz Club & Pizzeria. This would be promotion 40586 Pizza Delivery Truck, which would be suitable for a pizzeria.

Earlier this year, 10297 Boutique Hotel received a thematic GWP in the form of 40532 Vintage Taxi. In this modular building, a Bulletin board on the side of the model announced a music hall with the image of a figurine playing the saxophone as well as an update of the note of the restaurant. While they may relate to past modular buildings, the music hall ad in particular could match this modular rumor.

Please remember that this report and others like it are just rumors and should be taken with caution until the Lego The group makes an official announcement if not.

We’ll likely hear more about any 2023 entry in the Lego The collection of modular buildings should be released soon at the beginning of the year, like the previous sets in the line.

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