Marijuana Jazz Club replaces Drunken Monkeys Tavern in Adams County



Live music, food trucks and marijuana come together to create JAD’s Mile High Smoke, a pot lounge soon to open in Adams County.

Joshua Davis has served as a compliance consultant for several of Colorado’s largest dispensary operations, but always wanted to have his own business in the growing industry. When marijuana-related hospitality became legal in Colorado and Adams County commissioners decided to run a lottery for local licenses, “I lit up like a Christmas tree,” he says .

Davis eventually secured one of five unincorporated Adams County hospitality licenses, then bought out the remaining lease on the Drunken Monkeys Neighborhood Tavern, the current occupant of 7667 Washington Street. After receiving his license to operate a pot salon from the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division late last month, he is preparing to begin the transition next week in preparation for moving to Mile High. Smoke by JAD. All he needs now for full local approval is an Adams County Change-of-Use Permit, which he hopes to receive soon.

When the venue opens – ideally before Halloween, Davis says – it will essentially be a marijuana bar, with a live music area, flat-screen TVs, games, an outdoor patio, and food. Alcohol can’t be served in licensed marijuana bars in Colorado, but that’s not what Davis wants to sell, anyway. Because it has obtained a hospitality license that allows for micro-sales, JAD’s Mile High Smoke will be able to sell small amounts of marijuana products for guests to consume on-site, just as they would with alcohol in a bar.

“I’ve been interested in marijuana bars for years. The place needs painting, but when it comes to construction, everything is done,” he says. “People will be able to watch a game, taste food and try out marijuana products. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Marijuana hospitality was legalized at the state level in 2020, but a local government must register for it before being allowed in this municipality. So far, only a handful of cities and counties have done so, but Adams County was one of the first to adopt, endorsing hospitality last year. Denver has since switched to the state’s social pot drinking programs, and Aurora is expected to approve marijuana hospitality in September.

Although technically not within the city limits of Denver, 7667 Washington Street has an address in Denver because it is located in unincorporated Adams County. Davis is also interested in opening a marijuana lounge in Denver – this one focused on comedy – and plans to apply once the city begins accepting requests for marijuana hospitality in November.

He has researched locations with the Denver Department of Excise and Licensing, and says he’s already been accepted as a Social Equity Marijuana Licensee, which is a requirement for all new owners. marijuana business in Denver for the next six years.

But for now, he’s focusing on JAD’s Mile High Smoke. Davis is currently completing renovations to a pair of food trucks that will be permanently parked on site to serve food to stoned and hungry patrons, and he is making deals with various vendors of marijuana products to ensure visitors can try the brands of marijuana that I’m used to seeing in dispensaries.

“It’s something I’ve dreamed of for a long time, and I’ve thought about it a lot,” Davis concludes. “From my perspective, this is the future of marijuana.”

Update: This article was updated on September 3 to correct information regarding the Drunken Monkeys Neighborhood Tavern lease.


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