Maskless SF Mayor London Breed caught at indoor jazz club with maskless fans



Yet another elected politician who issued mask-wearing and vaccination warrants violated his own policy. Music fans at San Francisco’s Black Cat nightclub in the Tenderloin, many without a mask – including Mayor London Breed – were treated to a surprise reunion by one of the area’s most popular R&B groups. from the Bay on Wednesday, September 15, ”the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Yet another politician fails in his own political theater. Mayor Breed mandated “the wearing of properly fitting masks for all people, including fully vaccinated people, proof of full vaccination in restaurants, bars, clubs, theaters and entertainment venues, gyms, recreational facilities, studios of yoga, dance studios and large indoor events and mega indoor events.

Who can forget Living room door in September 2020, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught on security cameras visiting a San Francisco barbershop for a wash and blow job, despite Gavin Newsom and Gavin Newsom’s business lockdown orders. Strict local ordinances specifically targeting closures of hair and nail salons, as well as other “non-essential” businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

California Governor Gavin Newsom still hasn’t lived to be surprised without a mask at a birthday dinner in November 2020 at famed Michelin-starred restaurant The French Laundry in Yountville as he locked up the state ordering business and school closures, social distancing and mask warrants, the California Globe reported.

Proving just how arbitrary his closures were, the governor allowed strip clubs and public baths to remain open.

Most recently, former President Barack Obama hosted his 60th birthday at his Martha’s Vineyard estate, entertaining 300-400 guests, despite haranguing Americans to mask themselves, get vaccinated, and stay away. away from major events. The Daily Mail reported that 74 people on Martha’s Vineyard have tested positive for COVID-19 following the former president’s party, which some have dubbed “the Obama variant.”

A viral video was shared thousands of times in late August by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a major Democratic fundraiser in Napa Valley. Only the waiters and waiters wore masks. “The footage appeared to show dozens of unmasked people sitting shoulder to shoulder at long lunch tables as Pelosi (D-Calif.) Gave a speech and masked waiters walked between listeners,” The New York reported. Post. The guests drank and dined as Pelosi spoke. They were seated without masks at long tables close together while masked waiters served them.

Stay at home. Close your business. Avoid family and friends. Keep your children at home. No socialization. Wear a mask at all times. Those were the orders from California politicians to residents of the state last year. And keep your “non-essential” business closed.

London Breed also dined at the French Laundry, but that was the night after Newsom’s infamous, misguided mid-pandemic evening at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Yountville, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Last year, Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton broke state and county COVID-19 regulations when she arranged a wedding at her home. Dozens of people from different households broke local and state laws on gatherings, especially as Contra Costa County was specifically monitored for higher COVID-19 rates in early August 2020.

San José Mayor Sam Liccardo broke similar restrictions in November 2020 at a Thanksgiving meal when he spent Thanksgiving with 7 parents from 5 households at an outdoor gathering in Saratoga, despite warrants of the California Department of Public Health prohibiting all gatherings with more than three households. “This is a private event – not a public event,” said Jim Reed, Liccardo’s chief of staff. “We are going to redraw the border between what is personal and what is public because this border has become blurred. “

Even the strict total ban on indoor and outdoor restaurants that stretched from November 2020 to January 2021 drew notable violators like Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl. The former senator had no problem scaring earlier today: “This is a serious health emergency and we need to take it seriously,” Kuehl said. “The servers are not protected from us, and they are not protected from their other tables that they are serving at this particular time, as well as any hours that they are working.” Keuhl was having dinner at a restaurant in Santa Monica.

We learned last year that gyms inside government buildings in San Francisco had remained open for months when the lockdown began, despite private gyms and fitness centers being closed due to the governor’s business lockdown. Newsom because of the coronavirus.

Central Coast congressional candidate Andy Caldwell reported to the Globe during the same period in 2020 that the Santa Barbara Unified School District had allowed the children of teachers and district employees to resume learning in class, under a covert exemption from exclusion at Franklin, McKinley and other elementary schools in the district.

None of the politicians who tell you to worry about the coronavirus actually care about the coronavirus; their actions tell us that. It is evident that politicians are not that concerned about COVID, but want to come back to life before closures, masks and social distancing. But not for the people.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, after demanding that people wear two masks, recently admitted in an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC “even being a fully vaccinated person, the chances that I get infected in an indoor environment are extremely low, and this is the reason why in indoor environments I now feel comfortable not wearing a mask because I am fully vaccinated. “

“You’ve been vaccinated and you parade with two masks for the show. You can’t get it anymore, “Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said during a hearing before Fauci, calling Fauci’s hiding and double hiding” drama. “

“There’s almost a 0% chance you will get it, and you tell people who have had the vaccine who are immune – you are defying everything we know about immunity by telling people to wear masks that have been vaccinated, ”Paul said.

As for Mayor Breed, she “pointed out, however, that she often tests for COVID-19 and said” at the end of the day, everyone who comes here must show proof of vaccination. ” It reassures me a lot, ”the Chronicle reported.

“I have been very careful, not only because I want to lead by example, but because I don’t want to have COVID. I also want to make sure that I am not someone who is transmitting COVID to other people, ”she said. “This whole pandemic has focused on the safety of people. “

Never mind that his own orders demand “properly fitting masks for all individuals, including fully vaccinated people.”


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