Nat Adderley, Jr. is coming to Parker Jazz Club next month



Celebrated jazz musician Nat Adderley, Jr. will take the stage at the Parker Jazz Club (114 West Fourth St., Austin, TX) on Sunday, October 17. Nat will perform in concert with his band and special guest Kenny Williams to benefit the ADDERLEY FOUNDATION, which provides scholarships and financial assistance to underprivileged students. VIP ticket holders are invited to meet Nat at an intimate champagne reception at 5:00 p.m. before the show which begins at 7:00 p.m., as well as attend a previous performance at the ADDERLEY Conservatory of A … My Name Is Alice at 3:00 p.m.

“I have lived in Texas for several years and have two daughters (local musician and educator Akina Adderley and musical theater director Alana Adderley) who live and work in Austin,” said Nat Adderley, Jr. “J ‘ve always considered the state my home away from home and I am so excited to bring my quartet back to the Parker Jazz Club, where we had a wonderful time in May. “

Nat Adderley, Jr. is a renowned jazz pianist, conductor, arranger and producer. He is also the nephew of famous jazz musician Cannonball Adderley. Nat is perhaps best known for his twenty-plus year tenure as the Music Director of R&B legend Luther Vandross, during which time he wrote, arranged and produced some of the most iconic and beloved songs. by Luther. He is also known for his work on the recordings of Kirk Whalum, Gloria Lynn and Aretha Franklin. In recent years, Nat has mainly been seen performing with his jazz ensemble, as well as on the piano chair with notable jazz musicians such as Vincent Herring, Regina Carter, Tom Scott, and Jay Hoggard. Nat has appeared at festivals and jazz venues all over the world, including Beijing, Singapore, Cape Town, Vienna, Tokyo and at the INNtöne Jazzfestival in Diersbach. In 2019, Nat’s band headlined the Central Jersey Jazz Festival, produced by WBGO’s Sheila Anderson. Most recently, Nat made the cover of the star-studded reopening of the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem. Nat’s unmistakable style – his authentic and reverent artistry as a jazz pianist, mixed with his mastery of pop and R&B idioms, his unprecedented musical sensibility and artistry, as well as his showman charm and spirit – make his shows memorable events not to be missed.

“I just can’t describe how proud I am of my daughter Alana and my first wife Janet for bringing Adderley School to Austin, Texas,” said Nat Adderley, Jr.

As part of the benefit, Nat Adderley Jr.’s show will follow the performance of A … My Name Is Alice presented by THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL Conservatory. The animated review was created by a wide variety of comedy writers, lyricists and composers and offers a wonderful kaleidoscope of contemporary women. Sophisticated, bawdy, funny, incredibly loving and insightful, the numbers represent friends, rivals, sisters, and even members of an all-female basketball team.

Janet Adderley started THE ADDERLEY SCHOOL in 1993 with the goal of teaching her shy young daughter to be heard.

“I spent the lion’s share of my career making an impact on the lives of countless lucky children who could afford to pay school fees,” Adderley said. “As a humble-beginning woman of color who grew up in Texas in the late 1960s, I was also one of the ‘lucky ones.’ I was fortunate enough to have bright and dedicated parents who supported me and taught me by example to dream big dreams. They made great sacrifices to expose me to everything – theater, ballet, music and art. Unfortunately, not all of us are so lucky . My daughter Alana and I are determined to be role models for those less fortunate children among us who lack the opportunities and support that we have had in life. Musical theater has changed my life. THE ADDERLEY Foundation will give to countless children have the opportunity to benefit from our life-changing musical theater school program. “


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