Precise Biometrics: Proposal by Maida Vale Capital AB on (I) the consolidation of the shares of company 1 10 and (II) the amendment of the articles of association

Maida Vale Capital ABproposal for (I) reverse stock split of the company 1:10 and (II) modification of the articles of association

In order to achieve an appropriate number of shares in Precise Biometrics AB (publ) (the Company“)Maida Vale Capital AB (“Maida“) proposes that the 2022 General Meeting decide on the reverse stock split in accordance with point (I) below. maida is that the current number of shares and the low share price in real terms lead to speculative and short-term trading and negatively affect both long-term and potential new shareholders, and that a consolidation of shares will improve society prospects. In order to effect the combination, Maida also proposes that the limits on the number of shares set out in the articles of association be modified in accordance with point (II) below.

(I) Motion for a resolution on consolidation of Company shares 1:10

Maida proposes to the General Meeting of shareholders to decide on the consolidation of the Company’s assets shares, ten (10) existing shares being consolidated into one (1) new share (1:10 consolidation).

If a shareholderIf the holding of shares does not correspond to a whole number of new shares, the excess shares will be transferred to the Company on the date of closing of the share consolidation. Excess shares will then be sold to Cat the expense of the company by a titlethe institution designated by the Company, through which the shareholders concerned will receive their share of the sale proceeds.

Maida further proposes that the General Meeting of Shareholders authorizes the Board of Directors to set the record date for the reverse stock split. The date of registration cannot be earlier than the registration of the consolidation resolution with the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

Following the completion of the reverse stock split, the number of Company shares will increase from 395,963,940 to 39,596,394. The proposed consolidation will lead to a change in the value of the share quota from 0.03 SEK to 0.3 SEK.

(II) Proposal for a resolution on the modification of the articles of association

In order to allow the consolidation of the Company’s shares in In accordance with maida proposal in point (I), Maida proposes that the General Assembly decides to modify § 5 of the statutes in accordance with the following:

Current label

Proposed wording


The number of shares cannot be less than

The number of shares cannot be less than

more than one hundred million (100,000,000)

that thirty million (30,000,000) and not

and no more than four hundred million

more … than one hundred and twenty million



Maida also proposes that the Annual General Meeting authorize the Board of Directors, or any person appointed by the Board of Directors, to make such minor adjustments to the Annual General Meeting Mresolutions of the meeting in points (I) and (II) in order to allow registration in the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Sw: Bolagsverket) or Euroclear Sweden AB administration.


The resolution on the share consolidation in accordance with point (I) requires the modification of the

Statutes according to point (II). Maida proposes that the resolution of the annual meeting

General assembly according to Maida the proposals in points (I) and (II) are adopted as a joint resolution. The resolution of the general meeting according to the above is only valid if it has been approved by shareholders representing at least two thirds of the votes cast and the shares represented at the meeting.


Stockholm in March 2022

Maida Vale Capital AB

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