Rejuvenate the vintage flavors of jazz music with Heather Ferguson’s latest singles


Multi-talented singer Heather Ferguson shows quick movement with her latest singles. The tracks provide a jazz-infused vibe and a calming singing style.

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Victoria, January 7, 2021 ( – Versatile musical artist and singer Heather ferguson rejuvenates the flavors of classical jazz through its latest singles. The tracks like ‘Around Midnight’, ‘Soul of the body’, ‘Jockey full of Bourbon’ etc. are examples of the prolific musicality and musical professionalism of the artist. Each of the tracks has a beautiful musical arrangement imbued with jazz enriched with organic rhythms, saxophone, trumpet and piano influences. The soothing and mellow vibe of the tracks takes listeners to a deeper layer of engagement. Not only the music, but the lyrics of the songs are well enough written to arouse the emotions of the listeners.

Heather is a versatile singer and the hidden gem that comes to light through the songs is her voice. The artist has an incredible vocal tone that sounds both hoarse and melodic at the same time. She started taking her voice lessons in 2010 at Big Voice Studio in Toronto. She later moved to Victoria and began to nurture her musical skills with the help of Aidan Miller. The artist has grown into a seasoned singer by working with the group, several jazz workshops, as well as numerous artists and mentors. The artist is deeply obliged by her teachers who made her so skillful.

With years of hard work and positivity, Heather ferguson redefines the essence of jazz music through its exquisite pieces. The artist is at full speed on the musical journey and is making significant strides in the industry. His musical coherence is reflected in the jazz singles ‘Around Midnight’, ‘Soul of the body’ etc. Follow Heather Ferguson on Twitter, Facebook and Spotify to learn more about his music.

Listen to these tracks from Heather Ferguson, just visit the links below:

Midnight Round:

Body Soul:

Jockey Plein de Bourbon:

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