Ryerse Jazz Singers perform in Selkirk on June 23

Gayle Hare has spent her life sharing her passion for music with others.

While living in Cayuga, she spent many years teaching music.

“I taught piano and theory to a lot of kids,” she said.

When she wasn’t teaching young musicians, “I used to sing in a choir at Simcoe.”

She also worked closely with George Shippey, the founder of the Haldimand Choralairs.

Hare’s favorite musical genre is jazz.

“I love jazz,” she says. “I always thought, ‘One day I’m going to start my own jazz choir. “”

Two years ago, Hare was able to make that dream a reality with the formation of the Ryerse Jazz Singers, a group of 14 women.

“I had thought at one point, I’d like to introduce men into it, but there were more women, and it wouldn’t have been a balanced vocal sound,” she said.

Hare said finding the right singers was an important part of forming the band.

“You need a certain type of singer to sing jazz; you need to have the attitude and the pace to fill that spot.

The Ryerse Jazz Singers have an upcoming concert on June 23 with the Haldimand Choralairs.

“Bringing these two together is just awesome to me. They both mean a lot to me,” Hare said.

The concert will take place at the Selkirk Baptist Church, beginning at 7 p.m.

There is no admission, but a voluntary offering will be collected.

“If you miss that one, you can hear (us) at the South Coast Jazz Festival on August 17 in Port Dover,” Hare said.

This will be the band’s first time at the festival.

“They had soloists and bands, but they never had a band of female singers. When they heard about us, the organizer jumped on it.

For more information on the South Coast Jazz Festival, visit https://www.southcoastjazz.com/

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