Steyning Jazz Club presents Spats Langham

Langham Gaiters

They will be at the club on Friday, October 7.

Club spokesman Colin Jilks said: “Thomas ‘Spats’ Langham spent his childhood in Buxton and, inspired by his grandfather, started playing the ukulele as soon as his fingers were big enough, followed by the banjo at the age of ten.

“At 14 he was playing with the Hot Spa Stompers and the Ged Hones Dixie Boys, who encouraged him to take up the guitar.

“With the loss of exceptional pianist, Keith Nichols, in January 2021, remembered for his peerless rendition of ragtime and Fats Waller-style piano stride, these Spats Five Nickels musicians have come together to guard his memory and his live music with the jazz of the time played with the greatest authenticity and virtuosity.

The band includes: Spats Langham and Martin Wheatley, guitars/banjos; Michael McQuaid and Trevor Whiting, reeds; Richard Pite, tuba, double bass and drums.

“Martin Wheatley is a versatile musician specializing in banjo music from the Ragtime era to the 1920s. Two of the country’s finest vintage reed players are Michael McQuaid and Trevor Whiting.

“Whiting first learned the tenor horn in a school marching band, but at the age of eleven he heard recordings by New Orleans clarinetist Sidney Bechet and immediately decided to change his instrument, taking the clarinet and saxophone.

“Richard Pite is a drummer who specialized in 1920s and 1930s jazz styles. He also runs the Jazz Repertory Company which presents several concerts each year in London, celebrating great music and musicians from the history of the jazz.

The bar is provided by Riverside Brewery, doors open at 7:15 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m.

The Steyning Jazz Club meets at the Steyning Centre, Fletcher’s Croft, Steyning. BN44 3XZ.

For more information about the club and its facilities and upcoming programme, call Colin Jilks on 01903 810395.

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