Take a tour of Portsmouth, New Hampshire’s future jazz club



The historic YMCA building in downtown Portsmouth turns into a jazz and blues club this summer.

For people who can’t satisfy their curiosity about what’s going on inside by looking out the windows or following the construction on Facebook, Seacoast Current visited the Jimmy’s Jazz & Blues Club to give readers a taste of what’s on. awaits them.

When people enter the club, they can visit the Museum of New Art. Workers are setting up this area now as well as the direct entrance to the performance area.

Spokeswoman Suzanne Bresette said everyone working on the project is artisans.

The performance space is large and airy. People can sit in several different places and enjoy a great view.

The windows still have the old YMCA logo. Bresette said almost all the pieces of glass in the windows had been restored and there were only a few places the panes needed to be replaced.

There is a glassed-in space just outside the performance area where people can relax while enjoying the music.

It’s the view of the city from there.

Here are two photos taken from the areas where people can watch the crowds. All railings are designed so that people’s drinks cannot overflow and spill into the audience.

Bresette acknowledges that the building has spirits, but said she has learned over time that they are all happy ghosts.

People can feel the spirits, especially where some beams are exposed. They withstood a devastating fire in the 1920s, Bresette said.

This is the locker room area, where details of the project start to stand out with reused beams.

Most of the materials used are reused and the new additions add an artistic touch to the future club.

It is the wallpaper of the bathroom of the green room where the musicians will relax before a performance.

We can see it from the entrance.

This is a photo of a wall in one of the ladies’ restrooms. Bresette said the contrast was intentional.

Ben Auger and his company are working on the project and the pressure is high as the club is scheduled to open on September 30.

“It’s very intense, at high pressure, but it’s also incredibly rewarding because there is so much going on every day and we are at the point where, as you can see, we are putting the things you can. See. For a considerable time all the things we were doing were things that were going to be covered with walls or ceilings etc. Now the things that we do, you can actually see them, ”Auger said.

Doors, windows, stairs and railings are being installed this month, he said.

Jimmy’s offers annual subscriptions. Tickets for the general public went on sale Monday.

For more information, click here.

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