The Jersey City singer will bring Moroccan, French and jazz music to the Apollo Theater in New York

Jersey City singer Malika Zarra will perform at the Apollo Theater shortly before the release of her new album.

City of Jersey Resident Malika Zarra will bring her unique multicultural sound to the Apollo Theater in New York City.

Zarra’s latest CD, “Berber Taxi”, features tunes with Moroccan, French and jazz influences.

“I really wanted this CD to represent my three countries and three different experiences in Paris, New York and Morocco,” said the former clarinetist.

Zarra started singing to gain more self-confidence.

“When I chose to learn singing, it was a challenge for me…I was really super shy and reserved,” confessed Zarra, who sings in English, French, Moroccan Arabic and Berber.

“One day, I said to myself that it would be really great to do something for me, to start an artistic activity to surpass myself and push my limits. I said, ‘OK, let’s start with one thing,’ and I started singing and went to school,” she said. “It was painful for many years… It was terrifying.”

Thanks to his hard work and experience, Zarra has become a dynamic and enthusiastic artist who no longer has stage fright.

“I have some confidence now,” she said, adding that she’s learned to really love singing.

“I feel a lot of vibes about it,” Zarra said.

On Friday and Saturday, Zarra and other artists will pay tribute to Miriam Makeba, a Grammy-winning South African singer who has been an inspiration to many, including Zarra.

“She was a real woman who fought for peace for her people and she really had the courage to stand up. She definitely opened doors for me and she was, for me, also a real ambassador,” said said Zarra, who writes most of her songs.

“She really is an incredible example and I really have a lot of respect for her.”

You can see Zarra perform at the Apollo Theater this weekend. For more information, visit

Zarra’s new album, “Berber Taxi”, will be released on April 12.

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