Tucson’s Only Jazz Club Opens at Congress Hotel

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Tucson’s only jazz club opened at the Congress Hotel Friday night. It’s called The Century Room, partly because it’s located in a building that’s over 100 years old.

“It was a museum, it was a photography studio, it was a bookstore, it was a men’s clothing store,” owner Shana Oseran said.

Oseran incorporated much of the building’s history into what is now the jazz club.

“I mean, it’s the pillars that hold the building up, so how do you go ahead and pull all of that into something that feels like it’s been here and you want to be here. “, said Oseran.

The Century Room is one of three stages in the hotel, but has its own entrance at the corner of 5th and Congress. It’s designed like a jazz club in New York with a close feel inside.

“Jazz is best enjoyed in a small, intimate setting, it sounds better, feels better, looks better and we’ve really accomplished that in this space,” said Arthur Vint, music programmer for The Century Room.

The space is small in order to immerse the audience in the energy of the music.

“When you go to a jazz concert, you are the concert,” Oseran said. “It feels like they are playing for you alone.”

The hall will serve as the home for jazz in Tucson, providing a stage for local and national artists.

“Tucson, while there were great jazz musicians and venues that regularly hosted jazz, there wasn’t a singular space that had the essence of the music,” Vint said.

“They can now come to Tucson any time of the year, not just during our jazz festival, but have a dedicated place where they can play and our community can experience that as well,” Oseran said.

It will host performances throughout the month, but the official grand opening is scheduled for the first week of March.



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