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Celebrating the best musicians from around the world and their love for jazz, the fifth edition of Giants of Jazz, hosted by the Piano Man Jazz Club, features an exciting lineup of 13 artists and 22 performances. The festival, which started earlier this week, gives you the opportunity to listen to Grammy-winning Brazilian band Ivan Santos to the Shuffling Demons from Canada.

“Jazz is 120 years of evolution in music. It is a constantly evolving form of music, depending on the influencers it meets, each adding their own vocabulary”, explains Arjun Sagar Gupta, founder and owner of The Piano Man. , adding: “Every artist we have brings something different to the mix. And that’s the purpose of the festival, to create a focal point where people can listen to everyone in the world and we back that up with concerts all of them. days. “

Having such an eclectic program is not child’s play and Gupta explains the multiple methodologies for creating the program. “All the jazz festivals are held in India at the same time, so we associate our festival with it because it has the highest number of celebrities touring India, with all the embassies supporting these tours. We are part of the circuit and get a couple of artists through it. We also have artists through an organization called Gatecrash, in addition to having our own network. With a permutation of these factors, the schedule is decided which takes at least six months. With the dates approaching, the team is shifting towards logistics management – how to effectively manage each of the artists and ensure the smooth running of the festival. “

Speaking of the current scenario of jazz in Delhi, Gupta believes that the acceptance and understanding of the basic level of music has broadened considerably. “We still have a long way to go. People often say that this form of music is not for us but they say it without knowing the music. So the purpose of the hall is to give people a chance to decide. whether they like it or not. “

In the early 2000s, Gupta was playing with his trio, the only jazzmen in town. Today there is a community of 30-40 players. “It’s not a big step forward, but it is definitely an important step. So the two essential requirements for building a culture are exposure and education, ”adds Gupta.


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