Vice Coffee Owners Announce Versa Jazz Club

Vincent Guerrera, 28, and Jonabelle Timms, 25.

Courtesy of Jonabelle Timms

Jonabelle Timms and Vinny Guerrero, the couple who brought you Vice Coffee — St. Paul’s Square’s “vibey” record and cafe — are updating their concept to the fullest with “Versa,” a jazz bar and event venue downstairs , according to a San Antonio Business Journal Report.

Timms opened her own cosmetics business, Beauty Haus in October 2021. There, she offers a range of services, from tooth glare to threading and massage. In June, Vice opened downstairs, after she and her boyfriend Guerrero decided to create a downtown lounge environment complete with cafe and music. When MySA spoke to the couple in May, they hinted at new developments to come.

After a summer of hosting pop-ups and making lattes in the cafe space, they’re ready to expand their reach into the redevelopment area. Versa will share space with Vice.

“It will be a jazz bar, a concert hall and an event center also in the evening, so that we can finally organize the events that we dream of,” Timms told the Business Journal.

Owners of Vice Coffee announce plans for new <a class=jazz club Versa.”/>

Owners of Vice Coffee announce plans for new jazz club Versa.

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Cocktails will be shaken to order in the jazz club downstairs. As things evolve, Guerrero and Timms plan to host a variety of events ranging from live concerts to live poetry, the Business Journal reports.

Although no official opening date has been set at this time, the couple say they expect the first event to happen in the fall.

Find it: 123 Heiman Street, San Antonio, TX 78205

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