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AYODHYA: The Muslim-majority Rudauli constituency in Ayodhya is a dichotomy between the Yadavs’ unwavering allegiance to the Samajwadi party and the verdicts at the ballot box. Here, the Yadavs have pushed the BJP to victory for a decade, fending off Akhilesh Yadav’s candidates to offset a trend elsewhere in the state. Bikapur is another Ayodhya constituency, which has challenged the myth of the consolidation of Yadav by the SP.
As those twin seats turn into an acid test for Akhilesh Yadav, party chairman Samajwadi will hold a rally on the Rudauli-Bikapur border, just 55km away, on Sunday to shore up his Muslim-Yadav constituency, which is is separated into these twin pockets of Ayodhya. His biggest challenge, however, would be weaning the Yadavs off the saffron clutch.
Stung by a series of beatings in Rudauli, the Samajwadi party this time refused a ticket to the twice Muslim leader, MP Abbas Ali Zaidi alias Rushdi Miyan, and fielded Anand Sen Yadav. Rushdi Miyan won this seat in 2002 and 2007, but in 2012 lost to a Yadav candidate from the BJP, marking the giant shift of the Yadav community to the BJP. Despite an SP wave in 2012, BJP candidate Ram Chandar Yadav won. He triumphed again in 2017 and was also fielded by the BJP this time.
With SP fielding a Yadav, it will be interesting to see how the community swings. Anand Sen is a three-time MP, having won Milkipur once and Bikapur twice. He was with BSP too. A distraught Rushdi switched sides for the BSP and dropped his Rudauli nomination earlier this month, hoping to garner around 2 lakh Muslim and Dalit votes. In the constituency of Bikapur in Ayodhya, the SP fielded a Muslim – Feroz Khan. But, it will be a challenge for Khan to garner Yadav’s support because while Muslims have traditionally supported SP Yadav candidates, the Yadav community has expressed reservations about SP’s Muslim candidates.
“I don’t know the reason, but it is true that the Yadavs have been indifferent to Muslim SP candidates here,” said Anwar Hayat, a retired teacher.

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